Player Registrations

Our team is constantly creating new and innovative solutions to ensure FiXi continues to evolve.

One of the exciting projects we are currently working on is a new Online Player Registration system. This will work similar to the existing Online Team Registration system but rather than having just one team admin – all players in the team will be required to register.

To make this possible we’ve had to make some core changes to FiXi.

In one of our recent updates (2.981) we added a new optional per player registration fee and the ability to allocate associated fees and payments.

Building on this feature, we introduced new functionality so that players can be registered into competitions in our latest update 2.982.

Every player must be registered into a competition to appear in the associated reports and for statistics to be recorded against them.

Note: We’ve automatically registered all existing players so you don’t need to worry about existing data.

Unfortunately, as a consequence of these updates we’ve had to update the existing “Player Registration” terminology to “Membership”. A membership registration is the registration period that a player has with you (i.e. the venue, association, club) and has a start date and an end date. It can be found on the Customers page as seen in the screenshot below:

On the Plus side this update has automatically resolved a limitation of the existing online team registration system i.e. all players will no longer be automatically rolled over when a team re-registers. Instead, only active players will be registered into the new competition.

The final phase of the project is the online registration form on the Sportfix website. We hope to have this completed in the very near future and are excited by this upcoming release!