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Take advantage of an automatically generated ladder and end the forever long hours of manual error prone calculations. Each competition has parameters defined for win, loss draw so it becomes as simple as just entering the results.

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Edit Ladder

Need to override the automatically generated ladder? FiXi Competition Management 2.0 delivers a completely customizable ladder where each column can be overridden. The ladder can easily be reverted back to the original values if required.

Linked Competition Points

Users can link competition points; this is especially useful for grading’s, teams can move from one competition to another without losing their respective points.

Percentage vs. For Difference

Need a different ladder for different sports? FiXi Competition Management 2.0 allows users to define their ladder type. A percentage is suitable for the majority of sports; however some sports such as Futsal require a different calculation, that is, a For Difference (e.g. +5 Goal Difference).