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Effectively monitor and evaluate your centers business operations by generating detailed executive summary reports across the entire system, including court usage and allocation, team numbers, booking management and revenue matrixes.

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Directly print preformatted scoresheets from FiXi including match details, player names and shirt numbers. This not only saves you time but ensures data accuracy.

Outstanding Balances

Quickly produce reports on teams and customers that have outstanding fees allowing you to follow up and take action with assurance that your data is co/nect.

Allocation Breakdown

To ensure customer satisfaction FiXi includes a highly detailed report informing your sports coordinator of your allocations amongst your teams to ensure an even spread of times.

Database Export

All data within FiXi can be exported to CSV as its your data, you own it.

Lots of reports

Try FiXi today to see all the reports but to name a few: Fixtures, ladders, Attendance, Results, Votes, Allocation Listing, Customers, Birthdays, Bookings.