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What truly sets FiXi apart is its scheduling capabilities, predominately its ability to generate multiple, basic and or complex schedules at once. We have worked closely with customers to help build an innovative and power solution that no other system has been able to deliver.

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Teams are scheduled to play each team once before playing a team for the second time. Each team is allocated an even amount of home and away matches. Furthermore an even spread of timeslots are allocated to each team, ensuring a fair schedule.


The process of adding team preferences is made easy using a drag and drop style interface, this coupled with a sophisticated algorithm ensures players are scheduled to play at times that suit them.


Is your facility closed on school and or public holidays? Users can easily skip these specific dates when creating a schedule.

Instant Basic Schedules

Basic schedules can be created instantaneously, that is, at the click of a single button.

Bulk Schedule

Multiple schedules can be created simultaneously sharing the selected courts and allocated time slots; this saves time, effort and consequently improves the center’s overall efficiency.

Multiple Rounds per Week

Sports coordinators can specify the number of rounds per week.


Clashes are automatically avoided with existing allocations (i.e. other schedule matches, scratch matches and bookings), including matches played on layered courts.

Advanced Schedules

The court availability tool can be used to specify the playing time and required courts for each competition, thus providing the required control and flexibility to create an advanced schedule.

Alternate Day

If your competition is full to capacity for your normal competition day then this feature allows you to schedule some of your matches on an alternate day. Teams will rotate what day they play on.

Extend Schedule

FiXi Competition Management 2.0 allows users to easily extend an existing schedule and provides them with the ability to manipulate the play order by changing the team position in the algorithm.

Edit Schedule

The software does an excellent job in creating schedules; however there are still some instances when a sports coordinator needs to edit the schedule. This is made possible via an easy to use interface where every match can be manipulated.


The software provides a number of automatic operations (out of the box) to solve common problems. For example: users can easily swap a weak team, with a stronger team in a lower grade competition.