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    Fully integrated solution that manages the
    entire process of sport competitions at every

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  • SportFix For Mobile

    Keep your teams up to date with latest information by instantly publishing fixtures, results and ladders to the SportFix mobile application.

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  • Online Registration

    Start accepting online team registrations – don’t wast time chasing registration fees and manually entering data.

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    FiXi is now offering a new free package – for those who run one competition you can now use FiXi for FREE!

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  • FiXi API

    If you have the skills to write software and have a need to extend FiXi you can now use our free API.

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What is Fixi?

Co-coordinating multiple sports competitions in a multi-court sporting facility can be a complex and time consuming job that requires careful attention to detail, endless flexibility and a great deal of patience! The FiXi competition management solution is a sophisticated yet affordable web-based application, to simplify and easily handle every aspect of competition management.

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Who is it for?

FiXi Competition Management 2.0 has specifically been designed for indoor sporting facilities. It’s smart, innovative technology that takes the hard work out of managing competitions so that sports managers can spend less time on tiresome administration and more time maximizing resources and revenue. The software is an all in one solution and is suitable for any sport..

The software is very easy to use and the customer support is excellent.

Performance and reliability is super.

FiXi Competition Management 2.0 is an extremely easy to use solution at an affordable price.