It all started when the founders identified the need for an easy to use online sport management solution. From there the idea grew to integrate all the daily tasks of managing competitions into one system, eliminating double entries and streamlining all tasks.

With backgrounds in software development and interface design, the founders came together to build Fixi – which has now evolved into one of the leading sport management products on the market.


We are sport enthusiasts and IT specialists, who have combined our two passions to create a product which takes the effort out of managing sport competitions. Fixi takes away the challenges of logistics and allows everyone involved to focus on what is most important – The matches and competitions.


Operating since 2004, we understand the industry, the difficulties and challenges associated with managing sport competitions. Our team comprises of individuals who have been involved in sporting competitions themselves, and who have utilized their own experiences, to create a product that solves problems previously seen as unavoidable.


Customer feedback coupled with intense research and development has allowed Fixi to grow, in areas where others have yet to reach. At Fixi our intent is to meet the changing and growing needs of our clients, and we do this by ensuring our product continues to evolve.


Our success is measured by the positive feedback from our users. This feedback has ensured our continued growth and with subscriptions now reaching locations all over the globe, it is clear that Fixi is the way forward. The trust that Fixi’s clients have placed in us, drives us to continue to develop our product and offer our users the best and most up to date options to manage their competitions.