Fixi is a comprehensive and powerful tool that successfully manages every aspect of a competition. Our comprehensive, centralized, database allows operators to maximize their court usage and ensure the overall efficiency of their business.

The software is easy to use, reliable, secure, actively maintained and supported in Australia and around the globe.

Customer feedback and continuous research and development are essential components of Fixi’s success. Our team are constantly creating new and innovative solutions to ensure Fixi continues to evolve.

Here are just some of the reasons you should start using Fixi today:

Cloud Solution

Cloud Solution

Whether you are in a meeting, a hotel, on holiday or working remotely, Fixi can be accessed at any time from any device. Multiple staff members can be provided with access to the application, allowing for collaboration by multiple users at various locations simultaneously.

There is no software to install – simply login to the system and begin instantly. In addition, all software updates are free and automatically available so no time is wasted on maintenance, leaving you to focus on the things that matter!

All data is stored in the cloud on multiple redundant servers at tier-one data centres, guarded every day of the year with backups occurring every 10 minutes ensuring the safety of all data, even in the event of a lost or stolen device.

Feature Rich

Feature Rich

Our feature rich software provides operators with benefits that put them ahead of competitors. By subscribing to Fixi you will:

  • Increase Revenue
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Increase Data Accuracy
  • Effectively monitor & evaluate your business operations.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Optimise Communication

See our features page for more information.

Affordable & Flexible Pricing

Affordable & Flexible Pricing

We offer different editions of the software so that you are only ever paying for what you will use. Our free community edition is suitable for anyone running only one competition, our amateur edition is suitable for small venues, our professional edition is suitable for bigger venues requiring more comprehensive solutions and our enterprise edition is suitable for multi-venue businesses, leagues and associations.

Sign up to our software on a month-by-month basis or alternatively sign up for 12 months and receive a 10% discount.

See our pricing page for additional information.



We are committed to establishing a successful working relationship with our clients. Our team is reliable, knowledgeable and dedicated to providing first class support. All users have 24/7 access to our knowledge base that contains hundreds of how to articles and video tutorials which solve 90% of all issues. For those instances when a user needs to get in touch with a member of our Fixi support team, a support ticket can be submitted. When this occurs, the ticket is tracked, assigned and responded to by a Fixi representative within 24 hours. Once resolved, the issue is archived for future reference.

At Fixi we are always looking to develop our product even further. Our User Voice website is a platform where members of the Fixi community can suggest ideas (anonymously if they wish). Should an idea receive a large number of votes by fellow members, our team will look into its implementation and where possible, the idea will feature in future versions of Fixi.

Clients can stay up to date with all things Fixi by connecting with us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube or by subscribing to our blog.

Fixi offers free online training to help new users transition over to our software, due to the intuitive and easy to use interface however, this training is not always needed. Finally, to help your business get up and running as quickly as possible, we will transfer any existing data into Fixi for Free.

Complete Business Solution

Complete Business Solution

Fixi has been integrated with several different services to provide a complete solution for your business. Point of Sale Systems, Scoreboards, Check-In Systems and Online Registrations can all be added as options to the core Competition Management component.



Our API Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to build applications that interact with Fixi in more complex ways. To get started with our API, please get in touch and we will provide you with an API key. Once received, you can start building right away. For all reference documentation please visit our API website.