1. Do I receive ongoing support with my subscription?

Yes, we offer a support ticket system, where all requests are tracked, assigned to a staff member, responded to within 24 hours, resolved and eventually archived for future reference. In addition, you will have access to a range of how to articles and videos.

2. Fixi is a great product but we have some custom requirements that need to be implemented. Can this be done?

There are two options if you require custom development. Either post your idea on our user voice website for the community to vote on – this helps us prioritise our backlog of requests, or alternatively, take advantage of our development services for a once off fee.

My Subscription

1. Is it possible to manage multiple venues via the one login with Fixi?

Yes, there are options for managing multiple venues using one login.

2. Multiple sports are played on each court, does this affect my billing?

No, you can play as many different sports as you like on each court.

3. I have a large number of courts but only wish to manage a few of these with Fixi, how will it affect my billing?

You will only be charged for the number of courts you are managing with the Fixi program.

4. I have a large court that can be divided into two smaller courts for different competitions. How does this affect my billing?

Each court will be charged in this scenario. Please see the pricing page for more info.

5. Can I change the number of courts during my 12-month subscription?

This depends on the number of courts you are subscribed to. If the number of courts remain above the threshold of 6, then you can add or remove courts at any time with no additional fees. For subscriptions below the threshold, courts can be increased for an additional cost, but cannot be decreased until the end of the subscription period.

6. Are Add-ons included in my subscription?

All add-ons incur additional fees and are only available for purchase when subscribed to the professional or enterprise editions of our software.

7. What happens if I cancel my subscription before its end date?

For all yearly subscriptions, an upfront payment is required, if you happen to cancel your subscription before its end date, there will be no refund. If you are not certain how long you will use Fixi, please take advantage of our month-by-month subscription plans.

8. What happens if I do not renew my subscription?

The account will be closed and eventually all data will be removed. We recommend exporting all your data before your subscription ends.


1. What exactly is Sportfix and how does it differ from Fixi?

Fixi is the sport management software to manage all your competitions. Sportfix is the brand presented to your customers and participants when you publish competition details online.

2. Is it possible to publish fixtures, results, statistics and ladders into my own website?

Yes, when you publish competition details online, they are published to multiple platforms. They are automatically published to the mobile apps, to the website (if enabled) and to your own website, if you have embedded the Sportfix script.

3. Is it possible to remove the advertisements from the Sportfix widget embedded into our own website?

The advertising can only be removed from a paying edition of the software for an additional fee. If you choose to remove the advertising there will still be links to the mobile apps and our website.

Online Registrations

1. How long does it take to setup?

It’s very quick, you can do it yourself and be accepting registrations within a couple of minutes.

2. How much does it cost?

It’s free. There are no additional costs to take online registrations when the event is $0.00. If you would like us to handle the payments, then there is an application fee of 2.9% per registration (Plus Stripe or PayPal fees).

3. Can we enforce payment during the registration process?

Yes, we accept either Credit Card or PayPal. PayPal payments go directly into your PayPal account. Credit Card payments go into your Stripe Account.

4. Can we manipulate the registration form so the participant can choose the competition and division within the form?

All registrations need to be allocated into a competition after they come in or they will have a status of ‘un-allocated’. You can specify the names of the competitions by line separating each competition in the text box when setting up the event.

5. Can we manipulate the registration form to include only the information we require?

Yes, when you setup your event you can specify what data you would like to collect.


1. What exactly are add-ons?

Add-ons are 3rd party software and hardware solutions that have been integrated with Fixi to help streamline your entire business.

2. How many add-ons are currently available?

FiXi can be extended with 4 add-ons to provide you with a complete business solution:

The Vend Point of Sale system can be further extended with applications such as Xero.

3. Where can I learn more about these add-ons?

Please visit our blog to learn more about these add-ons.

4. Are there additional costs for add-ons?

Yes, there are additional costs associated with all add-ons. Ask our sales team for a quote.

5. How do I get started with an add-on?

Get in touch with a FiXi Representative.