FiXi Updates: A Change in Navigation

Navigation Bar

As of the 20th of January, users will notice some big and exciting changes to the FiXi sport management system. These are designed to enhance and streamline the user experience, making it easier to get full value from the system, while simultaneously minimising your time with it.

One of the biggest changes is in the all important navigation bar – the menu at the top of the screen which is tasked with guiding you through the software.

What exactly has changed in terms of navigation? Let’s take a look.

What has changed?

Increased functionality

  • A clearer and more concise menu: We’ve spent a lot of time user testing the new navigation bar to find the perfect recipe – one that makes for simpler and more intuitive navigation. This has seen us overhaul almost the entire bar, replacing the six slightly ambiguous menu items of the last version with seven clearer and more intuitive menu items.
  • A dedicated ‘Manage’ tab: Previously their own menu items, ‘Customers’, ‘Teams’ and ‘Competitions’ have all now been condensed into a dedicated tab, making for easier access to management functions.
  • Clearer labelling: Looser terms like ‘Competitions’ and ‘Administration’ have been replaced by clearer and more concise terms like ‘Manage’, ‘Tools’, ‘Reports’ and ‘Settings’. Certain labels within the drop down menus have been renamed for easier identification too, like changing ‘System Settings’ to ‘General Settings’. 

A dedicated Sportfix tab

  • Tighter Sportfix integration: Sportfix allows team admins and players to manage their own data and teams; it’s a portal where anyone can register for your team, make player payments, and monitor the team’s status throughout the season. We’ve worked hard to make the two utilities of FiXi and SportFix as integrated as possible, to provide a truly seamless experience.
  • Simple navigation: Enjoy a dedicated SportFix tab, featuring ‘Events’, ‘Payments’ and ‘Settings’ options, designed to make the management of online registrations easier than ever.
  • Easy player registrations: Managing player registrations is made exponentially faster and more intuitive in this update, allowing you to easily track regos and payments as they come in. 

Want to know more?

The changes to FiXi’s navigation are active from the 20th of January, and we are confident that they will result in an improved FiXi experience for users.

If you want to know a little more about the nitty-gritty of how the changes will work, and what things will look like on your end, email our friendly support desk!