FiXi Updates: Active Kids Integration

active Kids

As of the 20th of January, users will notice some big and exciting changes to the FiXi sport management system. These are designed to enhance and streamline the user experience, while lifting much of the administrative weight off the shoulders of those who currently carry it.

One of the most important of these changes is the ability for FiXi to take care of much of the red tape generated by the New South Wales government’s Active Kids program, and the centres participating in it.

If you’re a NSW sports centre that is (or has applied to be) a part of the Active Kids program, read on to learn how the latest FiXi update will help you.

What is Active Kids?

As the name suggests, Active Kids is a NSW government initiative that aims to get kids healthier and happier through physical exercise.

Parents, guardians or carers of school-enrolled children can register to receive two $100 vouchers per year to help cover sport and recreation costs. These vouchers:

  • Must be used with a registered activity provider
  • Can only be spent on registration, participation and membership costs for sport/fitness activities
  • Can only be used once, even if the entire $100 isn’t spent

A venue must register with the NSW government to be a part of the program, and will need to prove that the money will be used to get kids active in order to be accepted.

How does FiXi help?

If your venue has been approved for Active Kids, you’ll be given a unique Active Kids ID number. You can provide your ID number to the FiXi team, and it will automatically link you to the government program.

The parent, guardian or carer, meanwhile, will need to register their child in the program, at which point they’ll receive two $100 vouchers to use at their discretion. These vouchers come with unique voucher codes.

If you’re an Active Kids-approved venue, parents will be given the opportunity to pay via voucher code when they register for your particular Active Kids-approved competition or event through the FiXi/SportFix system. If the price is below $100 they can pay entirely with their voucher (remembering that they can’t use any unspent funds), and if the price is over $100 they can pay the difference via credit card, as with any other player registration.

As of our last update, FiXi does all the red tape leg work for you. It connects directly to the government’s system to validate the voucher number, before processing the payment against that voucher.  

This means:

  • No more wasting time trying to redeem vouchers from the government
  • No more chasing parents for voucher codes
  • No more paperwork – FiXi does it all, documenting every step of the process in the system

For those from the old school, there’s still an option for a traditional, manual approach should you prefer it, but once you’ve tried the new integration we’re confident that you won’t want to operate any other way!

Want to know more?

FiXi’s Active Kids integration is live from the 20th of January. If you want to know a little more about the nitty-gritty of how the integration works, and what things will look like on your end, email our friendly support desk!