Minor Update Released – Version 2.92

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [CM-176] – Page crashes when deleting a role with users in it.
  • [CM-506] – Calendar Comments do not work when subscribed to the free edition.
  • [CM-509] – SportFix profiles are not displayed if there is a special character in the centers name.
  • [CM-510] – The google map on SportFix is sometimes not shown even though there is a valid address.
  • [CM-511] – Some centers on SportFix are visible on the list view but not on the map view.
  • [CM-512] – Page crashes when creating a new event and entering a really long custom question.
  • [CM-514] – Customers do not import into the system when there is no DOB specified in the email address.
  • [CM-520] – Page crashes when trying to print reports from the manage competitions area and no competition has been selected.
  • [CM-527] – Toast notifications are not working on all pages.
  • [CM-529] – Page exception occurs when attempting to make a financial adjustment and the team does not belong in a competition.


  • [CM-93] – Show / Hide inactive users in the manage users in roles grid.
  • [CM-97] – Remove court availabilities in bulk.
  • [CM-105] – Provide access to the allocation breakdown report from the manage competitions area.
  • [CM-114] – Label inactive teams in the Customer’s team affiliations panel.
  • [CM-492] – Add registration dates when creating a new customer rather than having to go into the customers details page.
  • [CM-525] – Set the players gender from the update player details screen.
  • [CM-526] – New Finals Series Templates
  • [CM-531>] – HTTPS enabled for Sportfix Script