Minor Update Released – Version 2.93

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [CM-536] – Some users are experiencing issues on Sportfix.net when attempting to sign in using Facebook i.e. after the Facebook API update.
  • [CM-537] – The Statistics Dashboard is failing to load.
  • [CM-544] – The customer merge tool fails when the customer does not have a DOB specified.
  • [CM-545] – The Calendar Totals Report is not calculating financials from casual bookings.
  • [CM-551] – Same day Online registrations are appearing on the SportFix website even though the events are pending within FiXi.
  • [CM-552] – The knowledge base hyperlink on the help desk page is broken.
  • [CM-557] – The synchronisation status is not updated when making ladder adjustments.
  • [CM-558] – The Synchronisation status is not updated when making changes to the finals series.
  • [CM-559] – Deleting parts of a fixture is not updating the synchronisation status.
  • [CM-567] – Really long team names are not shown on the check in report.
  • [CM-571] – Wrong page heading displayed for the newspaper results report.
  • [CM-572] – Wrong page title displayed for the newspaper results report.
  • [CM-574] – If a fixture needs to be confirmed, matches are not shown on the calendar.
  • [CM-583] – The mobile apps are showing the results for omitted matches.
  • [CM-584] – The mobile apps are showing matches as complete when the date has passed rather than when the matches are actually completed.
  • [CM-585] – Some ladder columns are not hidden when configured to do so in the division settings.


  • [CM-538] – New JavaScript toggle on the calendar grid to remove scrollbars and make it printable.
  • [CM-414] – Added the ability to define a maximum age for online registration events.
  • [CM-486] – Added the ability to cap the amount of teams to register online.
  • [CM-521] – Added the ability for teams to re-register without having to complete the registration form again.
  • [CM-562] – Added the ability to specify a minimum and maximum age for online registrations and for teams managing their details online.
  • [CM-546] – Improved the user experience so that a division can only be created if there is at least one active sport.
  • [CM-553] – Added the sport name and comments to each grid allocation on hover.
  • [CM-556] – Improved the user experience so an error message is displayed when no competition has been selected and the user is attempting to synchronise or remove a competition from the web.
  • [CM-560] – Added validation to ensure that statistics can only be entered after match results have been submitted.
  • [CM-570] – Overdue fees added to the calendar agenda report.
  • [CM-570] – New google sign in option for SportFix users.