Minor Update Released – Version 2.94

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [CM-539] – Ladders are not shown on the mobile applications when no matches have been completed.
  • [CM-554] – Clearing the results does not clear the player statistics.
  • [CM-595] – The check in sheets are not excluding banned players.
  • [CM-597] – Some users are experiencing issues when trying to generate the Calendar Totals report.
  • [CM-599] – Some users are experiencing issues when merging customers.
  • [CM-600] – The email address tick box is not being remembered when creating a new Event.
  • [CM-601] – Some users are experiencing issues when editing a finals series.
  • [CM-604] – Match Rounds for finals are displayed in the wrong order when published to the mobile applications.
  • [CM-605] – The Export By Comp report does not work if a fixture has not been created.
  • [CM-608] – Users re-registering online receive an error when attempting to pay.
  • [CM-609] – An error occurs when attempting to delete an event that has incomplete registrations.


  • [CM-550] – Improved the booking form to include a per hour rate.
  • [CM-568] – Added the ability to limit the amount of players that can be registered online for each team.
  • [CM-569] – Improved the allocation breakdown report to show how many times each team has played each other.
  • [CM-582] – Improved the user experience by displaying an error message when attempting to sync a competition that has no fixture.
  • [CM-588] – Improved the user experience by disabling the statistics icon until results have been entered.
  • [CM-589] – Added new portrait check in report.
  • [CM-602] – Added Shirt Number to the Customer By Comp Export.
  • [CM-603] – Added Alternate ID to the Customer Export and Customer By Comp Export.