Minor Update Released – Version 2.97

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [CM-615] – Remove the fixture from the web if it is deleted.
  • [CM-643] – Required email is not actually required on Sportfix when managing players.
  • [CM-660] – When a match is un-allocted the fixture is shown as 12:00am on the ladder for the next round of matches.
  • [CM-673] – The sportfix registration form is only showing odd years for date of birth.
  • [CM-681] – Maps on Sportfix are not showing after Google Update.
  • [CM-683] – Team names not showing on the Team Details page.


  • [CM-19] – Created New Drag and Drop Calendar.
  • [CM-587] – Added the ability to specify a Finals Cut Off for each competition. *
  • [CM-617] – Added registration dates to customer import.
  • [CM-622] – Added the ability to override whether votes should be hidden from Sportfix at the competition level.
  • [CM-634] – Added Alternative ID as a dynamic field for custom score sheets.
  • [CM-666] – New Final Formats.
  • [CM-678] – Added new setting for each competition to hide statistics to forget from Sportfix. *

* Update will not be complete until we push an update to the respective stores.