Online Competition Payments

The rollout of our new and improved online registration system has been a great success, it has provided sports operators with added value and has significantly simplified the registration process for participants.

Building upon this success, we have extended our platform to accept online payments for competition matches.

For a quick overview see our flyer. 

Enable Online Payments for Competitions

To enable online payments for competitions you will first need to enable the functionality in the Sportfix settings. You can do this by navigating to Sportfix –> Settings and then clicking on the Online Payments tab. You will then need to scroll down to the Permissions panel and select the option to enable payments for Competition fees. Don’t forget to confirm the changes by clicking on the Save Changes button.

You will also need to ensure a fee type value of “Per Match” or “Per Season” is set in the division settings.

If a Per Season value is selected you will also need to ensure that a season fee debit has been generated for each team in the competition. This is done automatically when a team is added / transferred into a competition.

Once correctly enabled, players will be able to see the outstanding balance in Sportfix and complete a payment:

After the payment is captured, the player will receive a receipt and a payment credit will be applied to the team in Fixi:

Different Competition Fee Types

If you’re accepting payments upfront from all teams in the competition, then you should select Season Fee in the Division settings as the Fee Type. If you’re accepting payments on per match basis then you should select the Match Fee option in the division settings. For competitions where some teams are paying up front and others on a per match basis, you should select the Match Fee option.

When the Match Fee option is selected, players will be able to see the outstanding fee for their upcoming match but also for all remaining matches. They can either complete a payment for their upcoming match or if they wish subsequent rounds as well:

Split Payments Between Players 

As an administrator you have an option to force one player in the team (usually the captain) to pay for the entire outstanding fee, in this scenario the captain would be required to collect fees from teammates via some other method. When this option is selected, Pay Now text is visible on Sportfix:

An alternative option is to allow split payments between players in a team. This means each team member can contribute a payment to the overall outstanding fee. When this option is selected, the text on Sportfix is displayed as Contribute Payment:

Transaction Fees

You can choose to absorb the transaction fee in the competition fee, or alternatively you can pass on a specified transaction fee to your participants. If you’ve enabled online payments for competitions, a new transaction fee option will be available in the division settings:


All online payments captured from the Sportfix Platform will be visible on the Payments screen (Sportfix –> Payments). In addition the captured payments will also be included in the Payments and Online Payments data exports.

If you have any questions or would like assistance getting started please email us at

Other cool features were included in this update, please see the release notes for more info.