Update Released 10-01-2023 v2.989

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [CM-833] When completing SWAPS and selecting the option to “assign points to the competition average”, the For/Against points should not be decimal.
  • [CM-1010] The “Birth Certificate Received” value is lost when merging a customer.
  • [CM-1012] The association to child accounts is not being broken when merging / soft deleting a customer.
  • [CM-1028] Text is wrapping on the next line on the Player Registration Reports.
  • [CM-1031] The “Latest FiXi Updates” link on the dashboard page is broken.
  • [CM-1032] A value of “Sunday Clinics” is showing up as the customer name for some entries on the notifications page.
  • [CM-1036] The unallocated registrations on the dashboard are showing hidden ones.
  • [SPOR-203] The Join Team page is crashing when navigating from a non https version of the site.
  • [SPOR-198] Unable to sign in with Facebook.
  • [SPOR-197] The complete online payment page is crashing when the parent doesn’t have a Fixi profile and only a child account.
  • [SPOR-194] The registration process is crashing for a handful of users on specific mobile devices when too much data is entered.


  • [CM-932] New option on the notifications screen to prevent an SMS/Email from being sent multiple times to the same person (even if they belong in multiple teams).
  • [CM-948] Added an additional “Other” option for Gender.
  • [CM-1008] Updated the “Swap Team A with Team B” swap function to also transfer player financials.
  • [CM-1016] Increased the amount of custom questions from 1 to 5 when creating an event to capture registrations.
  • [CM-1018] Added the ability to export registrations from the central reports area.
  • [CM-1020] Updated the calendar page to show how much of the collected funds were transacted online.
  • [CM-1024] Added the Invite code to the teams list report.
  • [CM-1027] Added the ability to allocate a team registration payment as a player registration payment.
  • [CM-1029] When a customer is merged , financials are now transferred with [Merged] in the description and the record can be deleted.
  • [CM-1030] Added multi-select and free text custom questions to team and player registrations.
  • [CM-1035] Added option to retain synced data to the customer check in system when re-syncing.
  • [SPOR-117] Added the ability to specify the background image on Sportfix i.e. instead of the default basketball player.
  • [SPOR-165] Added the ability to customize the content through the online registration process.
  • [SPOR-190] Added the ability to customize the content on the automated registration emails that are sent out.
  • [SPOR-193] Added the ability to set up online payments via PayPal only.
  • [SPOR-195] Removed the search results cap when searching for a venue via a keyword on the Sportfix home page.
  • [SPOR-196] Made the notification for parents registering their children more noticeable.
  • [SPOR-199] Improved the flow for when a team admin registers their team, so that they continue on to register / invite players.
  • [SPOR-201] Removed the advertising banner from the centre profile page to avoid players clicking links.