Update Released 03-03-2020 – v. 2.984

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [SPOR-91] – The timeout period for an account activation is not long enough.
  • [SPOR-92] – Confirmation email cannot be re-sent.
  • [SPOR-93] – There is a success message on the activation page even when the process fails.
  • [SPOR-99] – Contact details are not being updated when a PayPal payment is made.


  • [SPOR-64] – Added another possible way to complete the registration process i.e. via an invite code.
  • [SPOR-82] – Added Player Registration Discounts.
  • [SPOR-95] – Added % fee notice to online registration fees.
  • [SPOR-96] – Page index is now remembered on the event registrations screen.