Update Released – Version 2.982

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [CM-594] – The attendance report is always showing attendance from linked competitions regardless of what is selected as an option.
  • [CM-758] – The paid status indicator is showing as red when the team has credit from previous weeks.
  • [CM-765] – All players are being exported from the venue attendance report even if they have not attended.
  • [CM-769] – The fees panel is missing when managing teams in a competition that has no registration fee but a season fee.
  • [CM-770] – The API method GetCalendarByDateRange is not working as expected.
  • [CM-773] – Reports are being exported with the wrong file names.
  • [CM-780] – Exceptions occur when no values are specified in the report options.
  • [CM-788] – The birthday report is not working correctly.


  • [CM-759] – Added the ability to register players into a competition.
  • [CM-768] – Removed duplicate entries (teams participating in multiple selected competitions) from the outstanding fees export.
  • [CM-771] – Added the ability to make payments for a team in a competition without specifying a round.
  • [CM-774] – Removed the redundant team filter from the overdue fees report options.
  • [CM-775] – Improved the logic to better extract the responsible person for the team export, overdue team fee report and the team list report.
  • [CM-776] – Removed the redundant team filter from the team list report options.
  • [CM-777] – Improved the overdue fees report so that teams participating in multiple competitions are highlighted in the report.
  • [CM-778] – Improved the user experience in the reports area.
  • [CM-779] – Updated the reports user interface so that it is more consistent.
  • [CM-781] – Updated the notifications area so that a fixture does not have to exist to send out a notification.
  • [CM-782] – Removed irrelevant start round and end round options from the finals series report.
  • [CM-783] – Updated the teams schedule printout so that finals matches are displayed differently to regular season matches.
  • [CM-784] – Updated the teams schedule printout so that regular season matches and finals matches are grouped together.
  • [CM-785] – Updated the teams schedule printout to include scratch matches.
  • [CM-786] – Added the holidays export to the reports page.
  • [CM-787] – Added remove buttons to the selection box on the bookings and identity card report option pages.
  • [CM-789] – Removed finals series matches from the season fixture team print point of view.