Vend Point of Sale Integration

We are very excited to announce that FiXi has now been integrated with Vend – a leading online retail point of sale system.

For a quick overview of the features and benefits please see our flyer.

With this new integration, financial and accounting data can be completely streamlined. The Vend POS system can be used to process player and team payments with information directly synchronised to FiXi.


The Vend Point of Sale system offers many features to help your business grow. Here are just some of those features:

  • Centralized Data
  • Works offline
  • Compatible with iPad, Mac & PC.
  • Customizable Reports.
  • Split Payments
  • Partial Payments
  • Multiple Payment Options (Credit Card, Debit Cards, Apple Pay, Gift Cards)
  • Integrated with DC POS to support Bitcoin Payments.
  • Integrated with Xero.

For detailed information about the Vend product please visit their website:

Integration Details

Once the Vend add-on has been activated within FiXi, round payments made on the calendar page will be synchronised with Vend.

Payments for an entire season, registrations, casual bookings, scratch matches and payments made in the teams area are not supported in this first version. These features will be introduced in later versions.

Getting Started

Since Vend is an online retail Point of Sale system, you can get up and running immediately. Please see this help article on how to get started.


There are no additional costs to your FiXi subscription although an active Vend subscription is required.

The cost depends on the plan you choose. Please visit the pricing page on the vend website: for all the details. A free 30 day trial is also available.