Update Released 20-01-2020 –  v. 2.983

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • [CM-741] – Synchronized data to the Sportfix platform is sometimes duplicated.
  • [CM-796] – Error when creating a fixture and a team is allocated to an unavailable time slot.
  • [CM-797] – Address is sometimes not shown on the Map within Sportfix.
  • [CM-798] – Page error when merging certain teams.
  • [CM-802] – Sportfix website only shows 18 rounds even if there are more.
  • [CM-810] – IOS app is crashing when the current round is higher than the amount of rounds.
  • [CM-812] – When selecting an existing player some details are not loaded.
  • [CM-817] – Teams are sometimes being added into the same competition multiple times.
  • [CM-818] – Customers are sometimes being added into the same team multiple times.
  • [CM-822] – Users cannot press the tabs on the IOS app when the team has trophies.
  • [CM-823] – Deleted customers are showing on the ‘Registered Players’ dialogue.


  • [CM-791] – New Online Player Registration System.
  • [CM-799] – Added the ability to enter negative scores.
  • [CM-801] – Updated Sportfix to show ‘NO Game’ instead of ’12:00′ for unallocated matches.
  • [CM-804] – Removed validation so that a team does not have to be enrolled in a competition.
  • [CM-809] – Removed the DISQUSS advertising on Sportfix.
  • [CM-811] – Added New ‘Final 9 – 4 round’ finals series format.
  • [CM-813] – Added Sportfix privacy preferences to the player details screen.
  • [CM-819] – Renamed ‘Statistics to Forget’ on Sportfix to ‘Statistics for Improvement’.
  • [CM-820] – Updated ‘Statistics for Improvement’ on Sportfix to be hidden by default.
  • [CM-821] – Added mobile support for Sportfix Widget.
  • [CM-828] – Improved the user experience in Fixi by updating the navigation system.
  • [CM-829] – Switched to Stripe for online registration payments.
  • [CM-830] – Integrated Active Kids vouchers into the Sportfix registration process.
  • [CM-831] – New Fixi Scoresheet Mobile App.